$60 per hour with engineer (2 hour minimum)

$40 per hour with junior engineer or room rental (no engineer)

$40 per hour room rental

$300 for 6 hour block

$550 for 12 hour block, day rate

(Prices may vary when booking straight with certain engineers)

Mixing & Mastering (no recording) 

$350 Flat rate for Mixing

$100 per song for Mastering

(inquire on album/mixtape) 


$150 an hour


$75 per hour for Vocal/ Piano lessons w/ Akenya (@akenyamusic)

$50 per hour for protools/mixing lessons


  • A 50% deposit is required to book (non-refundable), you can paypal/quickpay to

  • Minimum of 2 hours.

  • All hours don’t have to be used in one session

  • Mixing is included if you give us time to do it.

  • Prices may vary between engineers

  • We clock you for the time that you book.

  • If you finish early, the extra time will be added on to your next session. (we do not pro-rate our prices)

  • Bring instrumentals/beats/track outs preferably on USBs or email to yourself.

  • To speed up the clean edit process, provide the time stamps and words that must be edited.

  • Be sure to include time at the end of your session to “bounce” tracks out in real time.

  • If you need clean edits, show versions, etc., request them during your session.

  • We will keep files but just in case bring your own drive to back up your own sessions.

  • Smoking in the studio is allowed from 8pm-6am only, in accordance with the payment of $150 smoking fee per session smoked.

  • If you throw up, spill, or create any kind of mess that requires cleaning, a $150 cleaning fee will be issued.

  • No refunds.