Chris's Mixes

Chris Inumberable


Chicago, IL


Studied Audio Arts & Acoustics at Columbia College Chicago. 10 years of audio engineering.


Jay-Z, Pharrell, Justin Timberlake. I always dreamed of working with Michael Jackson, RIP 


Chicago native, Chris “Classick” Inumerable, discovered his love and talent for music at a young age.  He comes from a family of musicians and started recording friends out of his bedroom as a teenager. After he lost his mother to her battle with breast cancer in 2005, he found comfort in music and became inspired to pursue his passion. He built a small recording studio in his parents’ basement and through word of mouth, his clientele list quickly grew. Classick quit his bank job and transferred from DePaul University as a business major, to Columbia College Chicago to study Audio Arts & Acoustics. Eventually Classick Studios needed to expand (and Classick’s dad wasn’t too keen on having people in & out of his house at all hours of the night!) so the studio moved into the basement of a three bedroom house in Portage Park. Everyone who lived at the house and walked through the doors was ready to put in work. Ready to take the studio to the next level, Classick found an empty loft space in Ukrainian Village in 2012, and decided it would be the new home for the studio.  The custom-built recording facility has two recording studios, a production room and lounge.  The studio has a team of eight audio engineers, several in-house producers, and interns for its continually growing clientele. Classick hopes to one day move the studio into a bigger and better facility in downtown Chicago.